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Re-engagement of retired employees in exigencies of services.


No. E (NG)-11/2007/RC-4/CORE/1

RBE No,193/2017
New Delhi, Dated: (12/12/2017)

The General Manager (P),
All Indian Railways,
(As per standard mailing list).

Sub: Re-engagement of retired employees in exigencies of services.
Ref: No. E(NG)lI/2007/RC-4/CORE/1 dated 16.10.2017 (ROE No. 150/2017)

Attention is invited to Ministry of Railways (Railway Board)’s letter referred to the above subject. In partial modification of the instructions contained in letter ibid, Board have decided to enhance the maximum age limit for re-engagement of retired hands to 65 years from the existing age limit of 62 years. Further, it has also been decided to extend the validity of the scheme of re-engagement of retired employees, 10 01.12.2019 as against the existing validity up to 14.09.2018

(Neeraj Kumar)
Director Estt.(N)- II
Railway Board.

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Exemption of Railways from National Pension System – NFIR Letter to Railway Minister

Dated : 11/12/2017

Shri Piyush Goyal,
Hon’ble Minister of Railways,
Rail Bhavan,
New Delhi

Respected Sir,

Sub : Exemption of Railways from New Pension Scheme (NPS) – reg.

Ref (i) Hon’ble MR’s D.O. No. 2012/F(E)III/1/4-Pt dated 29th March 2014 to Hon’ble Finance Minister, Government of India.
(ii) Hon’ble MR’s D.O. No. 2012/F(E)III/1/1/4-Pt dated 20th Nov 2015 to the Hon’ble Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitely.
(iii) NFIR’s letter No. IV/NPS/PFRDA BILL Part I dated 13th Feb.2017 & 26th Oct. 2017.

While enclosing copy of NFIR’s letter sent to you vide dated 26th Oct, 2017, I request you to kindly make special efforts at the level of the Government as well by reaching Hon’ble Prime Minister for the purpose of exempting Railways from the National Pension System (NPS). I also desire to bring to your kind notice that your predecessors Shri Mallikarjun Kharge and Shri Suresh Prabhu have already sent proposals to the Government of India (Ministry of Finance) highlighting the uniqueness of Railways working and the necessity to exempt Railways from the NPS.

I trust that you would do the needful for obtaining favourable decision which would motivate all sections of Railway employees to work with grater determination and commitment for providing efficient services.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

General Secretary

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Admissibility of House Rent Allowance during Study Leave.


No. E(P&A)II-2017/HRA-4

New Delhi, dated 05.12.2017.

The General Manager (P),
Eastern Railway,

Sub .:- Admissibility of House Rent Allowance during Study Leave.

Ref:- Eastern Railway’s letter No.E.77/o/Vol.VIII, dated 06.03.2017.

With reference to Eastern Railway’s letter under reference, it is stated that the matter has been considered in Board’s office and it has been observed that on the identical issue a clarification already stands issued to Southern Railway vide Board’s letter No. E(P&A)II-2002/HRA-2 dt. 19.02.2002 (copy enclosed) clarifying that the period of 120 days mentioned in Board’s letter no. E(P&A)II-82/HRA-2 dated 04.02.1982 had been revised to 180 days in terms of the amendment carried out to Rule 1707 of IREC-II vide Board’s letter no. E(P&A)II/89/HRA-48 dt. 07.08.1992. It was further stated in the letter dt. 19.02.2002 that the employees proceeding on study leave are entitled to House Rent Allowance and Compensatory (City) Allowance for first 180 days of the study leave and continuation of these allowances beyond 180 days is subject to the production of certificates prescribed in Para 1707(iii) of Indian Railway Establishment Code, Volume-II, 1987 Edition. It may however, be noted that CCA has already been abolished vide Board’s letter no. E(P&A)II-2008/HRA-10 dt. 12.09.2008 (RBE No.110/2008).

2. Thus, necessary action on the above lines may be ensured.

DA: As above.

(Salim Md. Ahmed)
Deputy Director / E(P&A)II,
Railway Board

Implementation of decision relating to Special Allowance for Child care for women with disabilities.

(Railway Board)


New Delhi, dated 07/12/2017

RBE No.190/2017
PC-VII No.83

The General Managers(P)
All Indian Railways &
Production Units.

Sub: Recommendations of the seventh Central Pay Commission – Implementation of decision relating to Special Allowance for Child care for women with disabilities.

A copy of the office Memorandum No.A-27012/03/2017-Estt.(AL) dated 16.08.2017 of the Ministry Of Personnel, public Grievances and pensions (Department of Personnel & Training) conveying Government’s decision on the recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission relating to Special Allowance for child care for women with disabilities is enclosed. These instructions shall apply mutatis-mutandis to Railway Employees and shall be effective from 1st July,2017.

Please acknowledge receipt.

(Sunil Kumar)
Director Estt.(Welfare)
Railway Board
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NCJCM Meeting on 14th December 2017-NAC

No NAC/2017

Dated December 9 2017

Members of the Standing Committee
of NC/JCM(Staff Side)

Dear Comrades!

Sub: National Anomaly Committee

A reference has been received from the DoP&T (Government of India). wherein they have put an objection to our agenda we have submitted to the National Anomaly Committee.

To give them a proper reply, it would be in all appropriateness that Standing Committee Members of the National Council (JCM)(Staff Side), available in Delhi. should meet on 14th December, 2017 at 13:00 hrs. in JCM Office, 13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi, to discuss and decide the strategy.

With Best Wishes!

Comradely yours
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

Source :

Classification of Posts under the CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965.

F. No. 11012/ lO/2016-Estt.A-III 
Government of India  
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions 
Department of Personnel & Training 
Establishment A-III Desk

North Block, New Delhi - 110001 
Dated: 8th December, 2017


Subject: Classification of Posts under the CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s Order No. 8.0. 3578 (E) dated 9.11.2017 regarding classification of civil posts under CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965. As per this order, all civil posts except person serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department under the Union are classified as follows:-
Description of Posts
Classification of posts
A Central Civil Post carrying the pay in the Pay Matrix at the Level from 10 to 18
Group A
A Central Civil Post carrying the pay in the Pay Matrix at the Level from 6 to 9
Group B
A Central Civil Post carrying the pay in the Pay Matrix at the Level from 1 to 5
Group C
2. In some Ministries/ Departments, posts may exist which are not classified as per the norms laid down by this Department. If, for any specific reason, a Ministry/ Department proposes to classify the posts differently, it would be necessary for that Department to send a specific proposal to Department of Personnel and Training giving full justification in support of  the proposal within three months of this O.M. so that the exception to the norms of classification laid down in 8.0. 3578 (E) dated 9.11.2017 (copy enclosed) can be notified.

3. H1nd1 version will follow.

(Nitin Gupta)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Tel: 23040264
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

7th Pay Commission: Central Government Employees Must Avoid Rumours, Government Not Even Thinking of Pay Hike

The employees are also planning on meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to raise their issue with him.

New Delhi, December 12: Almost after 18 months of delay the Union Cabinet had shown no remorse over the delay in minimum wage hike and the 7th Pay Commission has done nothing but but sour the relationship between the government and its employees.

With no minimum pay hike coming their way the employees are locked in a huge face off with the government.

After assuring a pay hike 16 months back, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has not lived up to his promise which has made the matter more worse. Now the government said that the pay hike and fitment factor is not an anomaly and hence it will won’t come under the purview of the National Anomaly Committee.

Since the last couple of months, the employees are getting more and more frustrated and there is no sign of pay hike coming their way. They feel that the government is coming up with excuses either to delay the pay hike or not to increase the minimum wage at all.

The government employees have also threatened to launch a nationwide agitation in this regard. Now the only hope for the central government employees lies within the high-level committee.

The government also said that a committee would be set up to study the grievances, but in reality, there is absolutely no confirmation on the same. Rumours just started floating that a high-level committee and the government is not taking things seriously which has further irked the government.

The employees are also planning on meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to raise their issue with him.

“We have faith in Prime Minister’s office, we have faith in PM Modi. We are sure that in order to maintain good industrial relations in the country, PM Modi will find an alternate solution,” Shiv Gopal Mishra, NJCA convenor said to

The employees are also planning on to meet Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to get their work done.

Some reports suggest that PM Modi could be of help, others, however, point out if the Finance Ministry itself is not serious at all, then there is not much that PM Modi could do about it. AS Prime Minister of India always takes advise from Finance Ministry on such matters.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

DOPT trying best to clear backlog of promotions: Dr Jitendra Singh

The Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) of the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr. Jitendra Singh said that the Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) is trying its best to clear the backlog of promotions which had accumulated for several years. He said, while the Government led by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi follows a policy of zero tolerance towards corrupt and non-performing officers, at the same time it is also supportive towards performing officers of integrity.

Dr Jitendra Singh was responding to a delegation of Central Secretariat employees who called on him here today and sought his intervention for timely promotion of lower grade staff members. They also submitted a memorandum on behalf the Central Secretariat MTS Association, wherein it was submitted that many of the lowermost working professionals in the Government of India get deprived of even single promotion during their entire service tenure.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, in order to bring in the ease of governance as well as objectivity in empanelments, the government has, in the last three years, improvised upon the procedures so as to ensure that there are no subjective preferences involved in carrying out the promotions. The procedures have been made more hi-tech using sophisticated technology tools to minimize the human interface, he added.

He said that in the past, every government took credit for bringing in a new legislation or rule while this government has done away with nearly 1500 rules which were either obsolete or had become irrelevant with the passage of time. All this is meant not only to ensure effective and timely delivery of outcomes for the public, but also to enable the employees to perform to the best of their ability, he added.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, he himself personally feels disturbed to come across cases where some of the employees working in the lowest rung of administration spend their entire service tenure of 30 to 35 years without securing a single promotion. He said, he has discussed the issue with all the senior officers in the Ministry and several innovative means are being evolved to avoid stagnation at middle and lower rungs of administration.

Dr Jitendra Singh also regretted that in a large number of cases, stagnation in promotions was the result of litigation amongst the employees themselves and even though the DoPT tries its best to put forward its view in the court of law, the delay becomes inevitable.

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Amendment of DPPI-2013.-PCDA

Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension)
Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad-211014

Circular No. 195

No. AT/Tech/30-XIX
Dated: 27.11.2017

Sub: Amendment of DPPI-2013.

A copy of approved Correction slip No. 01/2017 on the above subject is enclosed herewith for further necessary action.

(Sandeep Thakur)
Jt.CDA (P)


Correction Slip No. 01/2017

1. First sentence of para 115.1 is reconstructed as under:

Para 115.1 Subject to the provisions of para 115.2 and 115.3 below, arrear of pension (except LTA accrueing due to revision of pension/family pension will be paid as per provisions of Note-3 under Para-115.4 below) or gratuity due to the estate of deceased pensioners shall be paid as under:

2. New Note -3 under Para-115.4 is added as under

Note-3 : Life Time Arrear of pension/family pension accrues due to revision of pension/family pension carried out by the PDAs

If a pensioner/family pensioner to whom benefit accrues in implementation of Government Orders/Pay Commission Recommendation for revision of pension/family pension has died/dies before receiving the payment of arrears on account of revision. Such arrears shall be paid as under:

(i) If the claimaint is already in receipt of family pension or happens to be the person in whose favour family pension already stands notified and awardee has not become ineligible for any reason, the LTA due to revision of pension/family pension should be paid to such a claimant by the PDA on their own without requiring submission of any additional documents including IAFA-652 and indemnity bond from the claimant.

(ii) If the claimant has already received LTA in the past in respect of the deceased to whom the benefit would have accrued, the LTA due to such revision of pension/family pension also be paid to such a claimant by the PDA on their own without obtaining claim on IAFA-652 and indemnity bond from the claimant.

(iii) If claimant is a person other than the one mentioned at (i) & (ii) above, payment of LTA shall be paid to the legal heir/heirs as per provisions of 115.1 above.

(Abhishek Singh)
Asst.CDA (P)

Approved by:
Jt. CGDA(Pension)


Payment of arrears of pension in cases where valid nomination has not been made under the payment of arrears of pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983;

Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension)
Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad-211014

Circular No. 194

No. AT/Tech/012-IX
Dated: 24.11.2017

Sub:(i) Payment of arrears of pension in cases where valid nomination has not been made under the payment of arrears of pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983;
(ii) Payment of arrears of family pension-regarding.

Difficulties being faced by the defence pensioners in obtaining the legal heir-ship-certificate, for payment of arrear of pension Where valid nomination has not been made under payment of arrear of pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983 and payment of arrear of family pension, were drawing attention of the Govt. since long.

2. To obviate the above difficulties of the defence pensioner, GOI, Ministry of Defence department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, vide letter No. 1(10)/2013-D(Pen/Policy) dated 29th August 2017 (copy enclosed) has decided that in the absence of nominee or any “will” of the deceased pensioner, the arrear of pension will be paid as under-

(i) Under the order of the Pension Disbursing Authority to the heir Without production of legal authority, if the gross amount of arrears of pension claim does not exceed Rs. 25,000/-, provided he is otherwise satisfied about the right of the claimant.

(ii) If the gross amount of arrears of pension claims exceeds Rs 25,000/- but does not exceed Rs 2,50,000/-, under the orders of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(Pension) on execution of an Indemnity Bond in Form IAFA-642 duly stamped for gross amount due for payment with such sureties as may be deemed necessary and accepted on behalf of the President by an officer duly authorized under article 299(i) of the Constitution.

(iii) In case of any doubt and also in cases where the amount of arrear exceeds Rs 2,50,000/- payment shall be made only to the person producing the legal authority.

3. Normally there should be two sureties both of known financial ability. However, in case the amount of claim is less than Rs 75,000/- the authority accepting the Indemnity Bond for and on behalf of President of India should decide on the merits of each case whether to accept only one surety instead of two. The obligor as well as the sureties executing the Indemnity Bond should have attained majority so that the bond has legal effect or force. The Bond is required to be accepted on behalf of the President by an Officer duly authorized under Article 299(i) of Constitution.

4. This Ministry letter No. 1(16)/2009-D(Pen/Policy) dated 15.03.2010 stipulates that in the event of death of family pensioner, the right to receive any arrears of family pension would automatically pass on to the eligible member of the family next in line. The requirement of succession certificate for payment of any arrears occurs only where there is no member in family who is eligible to receive family pension after the death of the family pensioner. Therefore, it has been decided that the provision of this letter will also apply to the payment of arrears of family pension where no member of family is eligible to receive family pension.

All the Pension Disbursing Authorities are, therefore, advised to regulate the payment of life time arrears of pension and family pension in terms of instructions mentioned above.

(Sandeep Thakur)
Jt.CDA (P)

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