Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Central Government Employees advance amount-Interest free advance- Interest based advance

Advance Amount for Government Employees
Government Employees get advance amount for the following purposes:
There are two types of allowances available..
1. Interest Free Advance
2. Interest based Advances.
1. Interest-free Advances:
1. Advance of Pay on transfer.
2. Leave Salary Advance.
3. Advance of LTC.
4. Advance of T.A. on tour / transfer / retirement.
5. Advance of T.A. to the family of a deceased Government servant.
6. Advance for purchase of bicycle / warm clothing.
7. Advance in connection with medical treatment.
8. Festival Advance.
9. Advance in the event of natural calamity like flood, drought, cyclone, etc.
10. Advance on first appointment / deputation and leave ex-India.
11. Advance in connection with legal proceedings.
12. Advance for training in Hindi through Correspondence Course.
2. Interest-based Advances:
1. Advance for purchase of Personal Computer.
2. Advance to Postal and RMS Inspectors for purchase of typewriter.
3. Advance for purchase of conveyance, i.e., motor car, motor cycle/ moped, scooter.
4. Advance for construction / purchase of house / flat / enlargement of living accommodation.
Note : Rates of interest are prescribed for each financial year for Items 1 to 3 and periodically for Item 

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