Saturday, June 12, 2010

Travelling allowance rule-implementation of the sixth central pay commission ORDER FROM MINISTRY OF FINANCE

F No 19030/3/2008-E-IV
government of india
ministry of finance 
department of expenditure 
E.IV branch
New Delhi the 11june 2010    
SUBJECT :Travelling allowance rule-implementation of the sixth central pay commission
The undersigned is directed to invite a reference to this ministry OMs of  even  no dated
23-9-2008 vide which revised TA/DA rules as per recommendation of 6th CPC ,as accepted by the government were notified.
Para 3 of the annexure to the above mentioned OM prescribes the entitlements with regard to hotel accomodation, taxi charges,and reimbursement of food bills in respect of government officials on tour.
2  The matter regarding availablity of suitable  hotel accomodations etc, with in  the rates  approved  vide the OM to  government officials  while on tour has been taken up  by the Ministryof Tourism with various state government  and also with ITDC. Some of the state tourism departments  and the ITDC have responded
to the iniative.The rates offered by various states tourism departments  and ITDC to the govt  officials  while on tour can be accessed on the web site for conveniance of goverment officials.
3  Government officials may, if they so desire  avail of their rates offered by state tourism departments and ITDC while on official tour depending on their entitlement as per OM dt 23-9-2008
(Karan singh)
Under secretary to the Government of India
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