Tuesday, July 13, 2010



In the Departmental Council (JCM) Meeting held under the Chairmanship of Member
(Staff) at Rail Bhavan, New Delhi  on  1st & 2nd July, 2010, the General Secretary, NFIR  has
brought out the following in the opening address. 

1.  Issues relating to Anomalies discussed in the meetings and conclusions reached on 10th
June, 2010 at the highest level may be got cleared at the earliest. 

2.  CRC  Agreement  pertaining  Station  Masters  and  other  Commercial  categories    Orders
be issued without delay. 

3.  Revision  of  Allowances,  more  particularly  Torch  Cell  Allowance,  Special  Allowance  to
Gatemen,  Shoe  Allowance  to  Trackmen,  By-cycle  Allowance,  ICU  Allowance  etc.  may
be finalized and orders issued. 

4.  In the wake of Merger of Pre-revised Pay Scales and introduction of Pay Band & Grade
Pay concept, designations need to be revised and avenue of promotion be also reviewed
for modification.  This be considered on priority. 

5.  Special care needs to be taken in the case of Cadres where single Grade Pay is existing
  ECG/  EEG  Technicians,  Legal  Cadre  etc.,    In  the  case  of  Legal  Cadre,  Manchanda
Committee Report be implemented. 

6.  Additional  Allowances  to  Loco  Pilots  and  Guards  should  be  given  effect  from  1.1.2006
instead of from 1.9.2008.

7.  In  view  of  large  number  of  vacancies  continued  unfilled,  GDCE  be  conducted  by  the
Administration  for  filling  D/R  quota  vacancies.  This  be  done  on  top  priority  as  the
situation in the field is alarming.  

8.  In the RE organization Diploma Holders are working. They were discriminated by placing
them  in  the  lower  pay  scale.  These  staff may  be  absorbed  as  JE  II  against  D/R/  quota
vacancies. Similarly placed staff were absorbed as JE II.

9.  Large number of feeder posts (GP 1800) are vacant. Consequently system is suffering,
staff over burdened and staff resentment growing. Decision needs to be taken to engage
Substitutes and also re-engage former Substitutes/Casual labour.. 

10.  Act Apprentices of NWR may be inducted in other Zones where there is heavy shortage
of staff.  In this connection, Federation’s brief note to Adviser (IR) may be connected. 

11.  Creation of New posts for New Assets/Services should be ensured on priority. 

12.  On East Central Railway the Substitutes engaged with the approval of G.M. for security
patrolling  after  conducting  physical  test,  medical  examination,  verification  of  School
Certificates were subsequently retrenched when it was decided to terminate the security
Patrolling. These former Substitutes (mostly wards of employees) may be re-inducted for
meeting the exigencies in the Railway in view of heavy shortage in ECR.

13.  Prior consultations  on  proposed  surrender  of  posts,  shifting/  closure  of  activities  should
be ensured by the Administration. Suitable guide lines be issued. 

14.  A  separate  Committee  to  look  into  all  aspects  of  Service/Working  conditions  of
Trackman, Gateman & Keyman should be constituted without further delay. 

15.  Mobile Road Medical  Services should be introduced as the trials conducted are proved
successful. This will facilitate Health Care to the staff and their families at their door step.

16.  Revision of  Income  Tax  exemption  limit  for  Running  Staff should  be  got  expedited  with
Ministry of Finance as this issue is pending for more than one year. 

17.  Transport  Allowance  to  staff  of  Rayanapadu  Workshops  of  S.C.  Railway  should  be
allowed in view of peculiar condition. This issue was discussed by the Federations with
the Board in the past and required particulars were also given to the Board. 

18.  In the RCF, Kapurthala, selections for AWM, AMM, JE II & LDCE  for Technician Gr. III
were  conducted  and  subsequently  cancelled.  AFM  Panel  was  drawn  irregularly  and
cancelled after 3-1/2 years. Ineligible candidate was empanelled and promoted to  Group
‘B’ (Gazetted) and after  3-1/2 years he was  reverted. In the process eligible candidate
lost  the promotion  benefit.  A  thorough  investigation  into  all  these  irregularities  needs  to
be done for rectifying the systems.   

19.  In the Rail Wheel Factory Yelahanka, the revised Incentive Bonus rates were not given
effect from  1.6.2009.    The  rates  were  also  not  revised  as per  the table  indicated  in the
Board’s  letter  dated  29.10.2009.  NFIR  has  already  written  to  Railway  Board  in  this

20.  Retired  staff  in  the  Grade  Pay  Rs.  1800/-  should  be  granted  2  sets  of  Post  Retirement
Passes in  a year. 

21.  Upgradation orders issued by the Railway Board on 30.11.2006 for the Physiotherapists
category  have  not  been  implemented  by  Northern  Railway  being  a  nodal  railway,
consequently the eligible staff have been deprived of the benefit. This was pointed out by
NFIR  and  letters  were  also  sent  to  Northern  Railway  as  well  as  Railway  Board.  This
should  be  sorted  out  and  benefit  of  promotion  given  to  physiotherapists  with
retrospective effect. 

22.  Supply  of  Wrist  Watches  to  P.Way  Mates,  Keymen  etc.,  although  agreed  to,  but  not

23.  Revised classification for promotion vacancies – Railway Board’s orders dated 3.9.2009
& 7.6.2010 not made applicable to the staff of Railway Printing Presses, I.T. Cadre etc.
Due  to  this  delay  the  staff  are  deprived  of  promotion  since  2008.    This  should  be
expedited and orders issued.  

24.  Upward .Revision of remuneration for  Homeopathic/Ayurvadic Doctors is over due. It  is
requested to take action for revising the emoluments. . 

25.  Counting  of  entire  Temporary  Status  Casual  Labour  service  as  qualifying  service  :–
Agreement  reached  with  the  Federation  in  February,  2006  should  be  implemented  by
pursuing  the  matter  with  DOPT  once  again,  duly  apprising  the  complexities  of  jobs
performed by the staff in maintaining Railway Tracks,. Bridges, assets for safe running of

26.  Departmental Catering Staff on deemed deputation – Those  who opt to Railway should
be redeployed as per their choice. Some Zones have already done accordingly. 

27.  Privilege  Pass  eligibility  should  be  decided  as  proposed  by  the  Federations  without
further delay.

28.  Introduction  of  Modified  Safety  Related  Retirement  Scheme  should  be  expedited  duly
covering all categories related to Safety in Grade Pay of Rs. 1800/-. 

29.  Various Committees were constituted by the Railway Ministry, some of them are related
to  staff,  safety,  productivity  and  reforms.  Reports  of  the  Committees  be  made available
to the Federations. 

30.  Budget  Announcement  of  Hon’ble  MR  for  providing  “House  for  all”  in  ten  years:-  .
Federations be apprised of progress made. .

31.  Kendriya  Vidyalayas:    Proposal  for  establishing  Central  School  at  Nanded
(S.C.Railway) be expedited and sanction communicated. 

32.  Recognition  for  Balniketan  School,  DLW,  Varanasi  (Presently  run  by Women’s Welfare
Organisation)  may  be  obtained  soon,  facilitating  payment  of  children  education
allowance to the students.