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Point  of  doubt
What is modified 
Assured Career  
 Scheme (MACPS) ?
The  MACP  Scheme  for Central 
 Civilian Clarification Government Employees 
is  in  supersession of earlier ACP Scheme .
 Under the MACP Scheme three
 financial Up gradations  
are  allowed on completion of  
10, 20.  30 years  of  regular service,
 counted from  the  direct  entry  grade.
 The MACPS envisages merely placement 
in the immediate next higher grade 
 pay  as given  in Section I, Part  -A 
 of  the  first schedule of  the CCS 
 ( Revised  Pay)  Rules  2008,
  in  case  no I ( promotion  has  
been earned  by  the  employee 
during this period.
From  which 
 date the MACPS is 
The MACPS is effective w.e.f.  01.09.2008 or on completion of  10, 20 &  30  years  of  continuous
regular  service, whichever  is  later.  Financial upgradation will'also  be admissible whenever  a person has  spent 10 years continuously  in the same  grade  pay. (Para  9 of  OM  dated 19/5/2009)
Who are entitled
 for financial 
under the MACPS?
The  MACPS  is  applicable  to  all Central Government Civilian Employees.
4.What norms are 
required to be 
fulfilled while
granting  the  benefits

 under MACPS
The  financial  upgradation would be on non- 1 functional  basis subject  to  fitness in the hierarchy of pay band and grade pay within PB- 1.  Thereafter, only  the  benchmark  of  'Good' would  be applicable till the grade pay of Rs.6600 In PB-3.  The benchmark will be 'Vety Good' for
Financial  upgradation  to  the grade  pay  of Rs.7600  and above. However, where  the Financial  upgradation under  the  MACPS also happen  to  be  in the  promotional  grade and
benchmark  for promotion  is  lower  than the benchmark  for granting  the  benefits  under MACPS  as  mentioned  in para  17  of  the Scheme,  the  benchmark for promotion  shall apply to MACP also.
OM.N0.35034/312008-Estt(D) dated 01/11/2010
Whether Pay Band
 would be changed
 at the time of
grant  of  financial
upgradation  under
dated 09/09/2010
6.Whether  the
 promotions  in  
same  grade
 would  be
 counted for the 
 purpose of MACPS?
The financial up-gradation under the MACPS is in  the immediate next  higher grade pay in the hierarchy of recommended revised pay  bands and grade pay  as given  in CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008. However  if the  promotional hierarchy  as  per recruitment  rules  is  such that
promotions are earned in the  same grade pay , then the same shall be counted for the purpose of MACPS.
7.How  will  the 
 benefits  of ACP 
 be  granted if  due
between 01 .01.2006 
The  revised  pay  structure  has  been  changed w.e.f.  01.01.2006 and  the benefits  of  ACPS
have been allowed till  31.08.2008. Hence, the benefits of revised  pay  structure  would  be allowed for  the  purpose of  ACPS.  (OM
No.35034/3/2008-Estt. dated 9.9.2010).
8.Whether adhoc
 appoinment would be counted towards
qualifying service 

No. Only  continuous regular service is  counted towards qualifying service for the purpose of MACPS. The regular service shall commence from the date of joining of a post in direct entry grade on a regular basis. ( Para 9 of the MACPS)
9.Whether  State
Government service shall be  reckoned  for  the purpose of MACPS
No. Only regular service rendered in the Central Government's  Department Office  is  to  be
counted  for  the  purpose of MACPS,  as  the Scheme is applicable to the Central Government Civilian Employees only. ( MACPS , Para 10)
10.What  are the 
periods included 
 in  the regular
All  period spent  on  deputation/ foreign  service, study  leave and  all  other  kind  of  leave,  duly
sanctioned  by the  competent authority  shall be  included  in  the  regular service.  (  Para 11. MACPS)
How is the MACPS to be extended to  the employees  of
Autonomous  and
Statutory Bodies.
Procedure  prescribed  in  OM  No.35034/3/2010- Estt(D),  Dated 03108/2010 would be followed by the  administrative  Ministries/Departments concerned  for  extension  of  the  MACPS to the employees of Autonomous and Statutory Bodies under   their control.
Whether  the
 cases of 
No. Only  
continuous regular
 service is  counted
grant  of  financial

allowed under 
the ACPS between
01.09.2008 and
19.05.2009, the 

 date of issue of
 the Scheme are be  reviewed?
Yes.  Since the  benefits of ACPS  have been discontinued  w.e.f.  01.09.2008,  the  cases settled  between 01.09.2008 and 19.05.2009, in terms  of  previous  ACP Scheme shall  be reviewed.
Whether  the  past
continuous regular
service  in another

  Govt. Deptt. 
 in  a  post 
 carrying same 
grade pay prior  to

appoinment  in a
new  Deptt. 

without a

shall be 
counted towards
 qualifying regular
service for the 

purpose of MACPS.
Yes.  ( Para 9, MACPS)
Upto what  
grade  pay
 the benefits 
 under he MACPS
is allowed?
The benefits of  MACPS are being  up-to  HAG scale  of Rs.67000-79000/.
(DOPT's  O.M.No.35034/3/2008-Estt.(D)  dated 24.12.2010)
How  the  cases 
 of pre- revised
  pay  scales
and Rs.6500-10500
w.e.f.  01.01.2006

  are  to be decided 
 under  MACPS?
The  cases would  be regulated  in  accordance with  para  5  Of  Annexure-l  of  MACPS.  The
Ministries/ Departments are expected  to  reorganise cadres and frame common RRs for the
post in merged scales.
Scale' of  
(revised to  

grade  pay  
of Rs.5400
  in  PB-3)
  would be 
 viewed  as  one

upgradation for 
 the purpose
Yes,  in  terms  of  para  8.1  of  Annexure-l  01
MACPS dated 19.05.2009.
 'time  bound
 can run  
concurrently  with
No. ( Para 13 of MACPS)
Whether Staff  
Car  Driver Scheme
  can  run 
 with MACPS
DOPT  vide  O.M.  No.35011/3/2008 Estt.(D),30/7/ 2010 has extended the benefits of MACPS to Staff Car  Drivers  as  a  fall  back
Whether the 
placement of 
erstwhile  Gr.  D
employees as

  Staff  Car Driver,
grade would  
count  as  a
No. The model RRs for Staff Car Drivers providc deputation  / absorption  as  a method of
appointment for erstwhile Gr. D employees . Thc placement  as  staff Car  Driver  is  not  in  thc
hierarchy hence the same would not be counted as  promotion  under  MACPS. The  regular service for the MACPS would  be from the  date of appointment as Staff Car Driver.
  or  higher 
status  would
 change  on
account of financial
upgradation  under
There shall be no change in the designation classification  or  higher status on  grant  of
financial upgradation under MACPS,  as  the upgradation under  the  Scheme  is  purely personal  and  merely placement  in the  next
higher grade  pay.  (Para  16 of Annexure-l  of MACPS refers)
If a  financial 
 under  the  MACPS  is
deferred due 

 to the
reason of the

 employees being 
 'unfit' or 
due  to 

 etc, whether
 this would
 on the 
Yes , this would have consequential effect on the subsequent financial  upgradation, which  would also  get deferred to the extent of delay in grani of financial upgradation. (MACPS, Para 15)
Whether  the 
stepping up of pay 
would  be admissible 
 if  a junior  is 
getting more pay 
than the
senior  on  account

 of grant of financial
upgradation under
No  stepping up of pay in the band or grade pay would  be admissible with regard to junior getting more  pay  than the  senior on account of  pay fixation  under  MACPS. (Para '10  of  OM  dated 19/5/2009)
Whether the regular
service rendered 

 by  an employee  if 
 declared surplus  in 
 hislher organisation
  and appointed  in  the 
 same grade pay or 
 lower grade
pay shall be 

counted towards
  the regular
service  in  a  new
organization for the
purpose of MACPS.
Yes.  (refer para 23 of Annexure-l of MACPS).
In case  of transfer
including unilateral
transfer own request

whether  regular 
 service rendered 
 in  previous

 shall be counted
 alongwith the
 regular service 
in the new
organization  for

the purpose of MACPS.
Yes.  OM  No.35034/3/2008-Estt(D:
dated 01/11/2010
If a regular 
promotion has 
been   offered 
 but  was refused
by the 
entitled to
 a financial 
 under   the MACPS,
whether   financial
upgradation  shall  be
allowed  to  such  a
Government servant.
If a regular promotion has been offered but was refused by  the  Government employee before
becoming entitled to a financial  upgradation, no financial upgradation shall  be  allowed and  as such an employee has not been stagnated due to  lack of opportunities. If, however,financial
upgradation has been allowed due to stagnation and  the  employees  subsequently refuse the promotion, it shall not be a  ground to withdraw the financial upgradation. He shall, however, not be eligible to be considered for further financial upgradation till he agrees to be considered  for
promotion again and the next financial
upgradation shall also be deferred to the extent of period of debarment due to the refusal. (Para 25 of MACPS)

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