Thursday, September 12, 2013


It is a known truth of the eager expectations of the central government employee for announcement of the Dearness Allowance every year in the month of January and July and presently of the announcement of  DA JULY 2013  in a few days to come.We had already published that according to the computation of  AICPIN (IW)  there would be an increase to 10% accounting to 90% in the DA to be announced in September 2013.

Though while we think that this increase in DA is a rejoicing one,in second thoughts if we deeply ponder it not so in reality.We come to know that the increase should be above 100% accounting to the statistics given by the central government workers federations.Normally the price percentage rises to 60% in comparison of the retail commercial rate to the whole sale rate.But the 6th Pay Commission  not taking in to account the true rise,took only 20% as the rise,based on which the minimum salary as determined resulting a great loss to the employees..The basic pay having been  determined less the other allowances and increment which depend upon it also got meagre.. This has resulted in a huge loss for the central govt employees.

It has been come to known that the central govt has decided for a new calculative procedure to get actual  AICPIN(IW).

We would wait and  see whether at least this time the employees are given their true and due share.If a employee with his wife and two children bearing upon his shoulder the burden of the inflation of day to day price needs to lead a decent livelihood,the salary percentage should be resurrected once in  five years like in public sector industries.

As a fore runner to this all the employees federations and associations should insist on the govt for the formation of  the 7th CENTRAL PAY COMMISSION at the foremost possible.Only through these measures the dream for a peaceful and contented life could be realised.