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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Allotment of 12 Digit PPO Number to Pre-90 pensioners – regarding

Dated: 12-01.2017
Office Memorandum

Subject: Allotment of 12 Digit PPO Number to Pre-90 pensioners – regarding

Reference is invited to this office ciruclar No. CPAO/TECH/PRE-90/DBK/2011-12/115 dated 02.01.2012 (copy enclosed), regarding allotment of 12 Digit PPO Numbers to the Pre-90 pensioners/family pensioners. Since CPAO database recognizes only 12 digit PPO Number, it is required to lodge & track grievances and make queries on CPAO website. The 12 Digit PPO number is also required for the e-revision of pension. Therefore, all the Pay and Accounts officers are advised to follow the instructions contained in previous ciruclar dated 02.1.2012 for the conversion of Old PPOs. A list of all pending Pre-90 cases where PPO numbers are not yet converted into unique 12 digits PPO number is displayed at Sl.No 19 under the login of PAO in CPAO website www.cpao.nic.in.

All the Pr. CCAs/CCAs/CAs(IC) are requested to instruct concerned PAOs to download old cases and send the photocopies of PPOs along with duly filled proforma for allotment of 12 digits PPO Number.

Dy. Controller of Accounts

Source: www.cpao.gov.in

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