Thursday, February 04, 2010

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Housing scheme under Central Government Employees Welfare housing Organisation CGEWHO

Housing scheme under Central Government Employees Welfare housing Organisation CGEWHO

The present status of housing schemes to provide houses to the Central Government employees under Central Government Employees Welfare housing Organisation (CGEWHO) in different parts of the country is as follows. The position was reported to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA) by the Central Government Employees Welfare Housing Organisation (CGEWHO).

According to CGEWHO Houses are under construction in the following schemes:

S.No.   Scheme                  Scheduled Date of completion                      Expeceted Date of completion

1      Chennai Phase-II               14.12.2009                                             September, 2010

2        Hyderabad Phase-III       21.12.2009                                              December, 2010

3       Bhubaneswar Phase-I        05.04.2011                                            December, 2010

4       Mohali Phase-I                 29.01.2011                                              December, 2010

5      Meerut Phase-I                 11.04.2012                                              August, 2011

6       Jaipur Phase-II                 07.06.2011                                                March, 2011

According to CGEWHO Housing scheme at Vishakhapatnam has been announced and construction on this project to be commenced on approval of plans by Statutory Authorities. There is no project as on date in Delhi,

Gurgaon and Noida.

The above mentioned housing schemes under construction are progressing as per schedule mentioned against each except the Chennai Phase-II and Hyderabad Phase-III Schemes for unforeseen reasons such as additional

requirement of provisioning of about 3000 pile foundations in the case of Chennai Phase-II Scheme and delay in getting the approval of plans from the statutory authorities on account of litigation in respect of Hyderabad Phase III Scheme.

Houses under all the above mentioned 6 schemes under construction have already been allotted. The Executive Committee and the Governing Council of CGEWHO periodically meet to discuss the issues pertaining to CGEWHO including monitoring of its functioning.        SOURCE;CGSN